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Jerry puts his lifelong passion for plants and design into every garden he creates. He never misses an opportunity to share his obsession with his clients and fellow gardeners. These tours are the culmination of many years spend researching and exploring the best garden destinations. Jerry, along with his wife Amy, take care of all the details to ensure the participants enjoy once-in-a-lifetime level experiences on his journey.

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1-Amy and Jerry at Rockcliffe

Gardens & Chateaux of the Loire Valley 

June 24 – July 2, 2017

Giverny garden Oriental Gardens at Maulevrier2

Join Jerry and Amy on this custom-designed, relaxed and intimate trip. Private tours of unique and beautiful gardens, wine tasting, and of course visiting some of the magnificent Chateaux. Group size is very limited to ensure the maximum enjoyment for all participants. Two additional rooms have been secured. Reserve now.



As in our Cotwolds trip to England last year, we have worked to ensure a unique experience by including privately guided tours of the gardens and chateaux, fun and informative experiences wine tasting and touring charming towns. We have tried to balance the days with an wide-range of experiences to appeal to many people, not just to strictly gardeners. Jerry and Amy are enthusiastic leaders whose goal is to make sure each participant has exactly what they need to have a wonderful trip. Attention to every detail is very important and we only partner with the best local establishments for an authentic experience.

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Local garden tours are also on the agenda.

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Jerry Leading Tour

Completed 2016 Tour

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